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Volkswagen Transporter (Short Wheel Base) - Wall panel

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  • 4 mm birch plywood
  • wall paneling
  • Both sides Incl sliding door panels
  • Polypropylene coated 3 layers plywood
  • Pre-cut and drilled
  • Fittings supplied
  • Simple installation
  • Protection from inside out
  • Neat look
  • The kit comprises all panels for both sides
  • Panels are top to bottom 
  • Rear door hatch or barn door kit not included

The standard kit has:

right front, right rear, left rear top to bottom panels

Sliding door bottom replacement panel and top panel

C-pillar replacement panels both sides

Rear door hatch or barn door panel optional but dont come standard


Special note:   Screw or plug fitting kits for the panel kit depends on if VW has made the plug holes at time of production