We supply ready made solutions that can be installed in moments. Every design is tested for durability, we test new materials and develop smarter installation methods with our expert team and industry partners. 

In-House Production

We produce everything ourselves with our in-house production. We guarantee the quality of our range, by becoming a flexible partner for the production and supply of protective interior fittings for your commercial vehicles. 

Wheel Arch Covers To Prevent Rust Damage And Road Noise

We make our wheel arch covers from the same material as the floor liner of your vehicle, as well as plastic. To provide extra protection and insulate against noise, we made these in rectangular or the same shape as your wheel arch. 

Innovative Lashing Ring Cups

Our design consists of 3 parts, providing:

- Quick Installation: Our ready made lashing ring cup has seamless design with the floor liner

- Sturdiness without concessions: We simply screw the inner ring in the cup, forming  level connection with the body of your commercial vehicle.

- Beautiful finish: The lashing ring cup has a sturdy cover, making your floor remain with optimum protection of the lashing rings to stabalise cargo. 


A Sturdy Floor Liner As A Basis

Our floor liners are one whole piece, using high quality plywood up to 3.76m in length. We apply a durable, non-slip coating that's oil, water and abrasion resistant.Our lash ring enables you to safely secure the cargo in your commercial vehicle. 

Protective Wall Liners

We make wall liners in various thicknesses, colours and finishes in high-quality European birch plywood and plastic. The main advantage of plastic is that it is light weigh. We also make sure we deliver high-quality finish and insulation. 

Choose the type that fits your need

We give you the option to choose from three types of wall protection, including: wall liners, binding slats or a combination of the two, which is called slat frame/wall. The liner materials consists of brown or grey polypropylene coating. The binding slat allows you to secure the cargo. The slat frame/wall protection secures to the frame on the upper section and wall panels on the lower end section. 

Secure Wall Or For Safe Transport

A Secuwall partition wall offers safety and comfort, preventing cargo from sliding when you have to brake hard. The Secuwall comes with or withoutliner, and with or without window. 


Protect Windows From Damage And Ensure Privacy

Window protection prevents broken or damaged panes when loading and unloading. A window grate can reduce visibility of the cargo compartment from the outside, making it much more difficult for people to see inside. We offer a range of protection in perforated sheet steel for all side and rear window. 

Innovative Installation Solutions Down To The Smallest Detail 

Our products are supplied ready to install and fully prepared with pre-drilled mounting holes. We take into account wiring ducts, vulnerable parts, wheel arches and the fuel tank. 

Details That Count

Where ever possible, our wall liners are secured with plastic clamp instead of screws. We use existing holes in your vehicle's body as mounting points, so that we don't drill extra holes. When the situation permits, we opt for glue rather than screws, since they act faster and kinder to your vehicle. 

Customization And Standard Components

We have an appropriate solution for every brand, model and construction to offer optimum protection for your vehicle. We offer a range of 6000 products mainly consisting of standard components. 

We also offer tailor-made, customer specific solutions such as milled rail or wheel arch covers with storage compartments. 

Well Organized Logistics

Our logistics machine is all about speed and efficiency. All orders are produced quickly and then dispatched. Your orders are carefully packed and labelled with practical product information, like item and order number, and also the registration number or the customer name. 


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