Over the past 40 years, LDV has established 
itself as one of Europe’s most recognised commercial vehicle brands and 
has also created a wide sales footprint throughout the world.

The parent company to LDV, Shanghai Automotive (SAIC), is China’s 
largest automotive company, and one of the largest automotive 
manufactures in the world.

In 2012, SAIC recorded sales of 4.5m vehicles and was listed as the 
6th largest vehicle manufacturer in the world.

In 2009 SAIC acquired the century old British LDV Group, including 
its designs, IP, technology and production lines, which have been used 
to create the new global platform we are launching here this year.

Not only has LDV had sales success as a cargo and passenger van, it 
is the vehicle of choice for the British government for use by the Royal 
Banks, Royal Mail and as travel vehicles for the British Royal family.

SAIC Motors international operations currently include the United 
Kingdom, Europe, Japan and now Australia. Domestically, SAIC has joint 
venture operations with some of the largest automotive companies, 
including Volkswagen and General Motors.

Motexion has a great range of van accessories custom made for LDV.