LDV edeliver 9

Over the past 40 years, LDV has established itself as one of Europe’s most recognised commercial vehicle brands and has also created a wide sales footprint throughout the world.

Ateco Automotive took on the distribution of the Brand in Australia in 2015

Since then it has grown to be one of the major van suppliers in the Australian market

G 10 - Medium van segment

V80 - Medium and large van segment

Deliver 9 - large van segment

Motexion supplies Ateco with all floors and wall panel kits for the V80 range and supplies direct to end users vor the G10 and Deliver 9

Big news for 2022 is announcement that we are going to get the e-Deliver 9. The first fully electric van in this class. see above

Motexion has a great range of van accessories custom made for LDV.