Famous for German quality and precision engineering, it all started with the Transporter (originally called the Bulli) back in 1950. Initially sketched as a ‘box on wheels’ by Dutch Volkswagen Importer Ben Pon, the Transporter has gone on to become one of VW’s most popular and stylish workhorses, celebrating production of the 10 millionth model back in 2007.
Joining the Transporter in 1982, the Caddy added a smaller dynamic to the range, with an enduring appeal to small business owners. Its winning combination of spacious, accommodating load area and small exterior dimensions make it the perfect vehicle for zipping through urban traffic.
At the other end of the scale the Crafter offers up to 17m3. With three different base models you can vary weight class, wheelbase, load compartment length, roof height and seating capacity, literally letting you ‘craft’ your ideal van. 
Motexion has a great range of van accessories custom made for Volkswagen.
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    Above models are all front wheel drive vans. Rear wheel drive vans will arrive in due course