About us

Motexion is a Dutch company, established in 1985 and located in Vlaardingen near Rotterdam.

We develop and produce protection systems for all types of delivery vans to protect the van itself, the load and the passengers. Our products provide a ready-made solution and can be installed quickly and easily.

We believe a good working atmosphere leads to high quality, safe products and services. We want our customers, suppliers and employees to feel at home with us.

Product Development

Our delivery program is comprehensive. We deliver the desired means of protection for your vehicle. Anything not yet in the standard range can be developed for you. Product development generally starts with your customer. This enables our current delivery program to meet the needs of the market.


We deliver promptly, usually within a week. We have a lot of products in stock, which are transported the next day. Bigger volumes need more time for production so please contact us for details.


Our products are easy to install and come with a manual for trouble-free installation. If you still have questions, our team is ready to help you.

5 years warranty

We give a 5 year warranty in line with most vehicle manufacturers on our products.


After sales

We guarantee a professional approach. If something goes wrong, we’ll work quickly to solve the problem.


Sustainable Materials

We maintain quality of our product by using first-class material, using timber and plywood from forests that are managed in sustainable ways. 



We value our certification and quality marks with (ISO 9001:2015). All of our suppliers are FSC or PEFC-certified. We also work with wood sourced from Northern Europe which meets the requirement of EUTR. 


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Our customers in the automotive industry

We develop ready-made solutions so that automotive manufacturers importers and dealers can optimally install interior fittings in commercial vehicles. We supply 'to the line' to manufacturers. This includes: complete sets of wall liners, window protection, wheel arch covers and floor liners that matches specific vehicles.