Toyota SLWB Super Long wheel base  flooring wall panels and wheel arch boxes

Motexion Van lining kits (floors and wall panels) and vapour barrier

Here at Motexion we produce exceptional quality van flooring, wall panels and vapour barrier. Our quality is of vehicle manufacturer standard and we supply them to importers in Australia. We also serve the aftermarket as well as retail and campervan market

Providing van lining solutions

Individuals and campervan builder

Call us for information on our products. We have 12 years of experience and help you with custom products at reasonable prices. Our floors make excellent bases to build on thanks to its precision fit and finish. Motexion I open for Business

Aftermarket installers and fleets

Our solution is to offer floors, wall panels and vapour barriers products that are easy to install and have a consistent quality. Our great service and over 12 years of experience means you will always serve your customer are your best

Vehicle importers

We supply a number of vehicle importers with our products as we are a recognised authority on quality fit and finish and vehicle manufacturers trust us to deliver products to their standards

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