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LDV Deliver 9 Vapour barrier

LDV Deliver 9 Vapour barrier

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Bulkhead Vapour barrier

Home grown and designe vapour barrier

  • Reduces noice more then 50%
  • Improves air condition in cabin area as it cuts is down to 10% only
  • You can hear your phone again
  • Plenty room for driver legs and back
  • Seat goes all the way back in seat rail
  • Stops small bit from hitting occupant
  • Good view out the rear door and side windows
  • Fits all lengths
  • Fits all roof heights
  • Grab hand easily accessible
  • Made of Fibre Glass/polyester so wont rust

Please be aware we are working on production at the moment , 18 Jan 2024, so email us for availbility.

Carpetted NO window or in White are special orders and take 2-3 weeks

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