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Insulation material 5 mm per meter - best for walls and under floor

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Insulation material for ideal for wall panels and under flooring

  • excellent insulation for temperature control
  • excellent sound insulation properties
  • self adhesive
  • foil faced for reflective capabilities
  • Polyethylene (PE) foam main core
  • Peel back adhesive
  • Chemically inert to most oil and solvents
  • No toxic (often used in food production environments)

Cost guidelines and recommended quantities per van below

5 mm - 19.50 + GST per meter (1 meter wide)

10 mm - $ 35.00 + GST per meter (1 meter wide)

Give us a call if you want to  discuss the quantities as there are  always variables


Small vans SW

Wall panels        3 meter

Floor                    4 meter

Small vans LWB/Maxi

Wall panels       3.5 meter

Floor                   4 meter


Medium vans SWB

Wall panels      4 meter

Floor                  5 meter


Medium vans LWB

Wall panels      5 meter

Floor               6 meter


Large vans SWB

Wall panels      4 meter

Floor                  5 meter

Large vans MW

Wall panels      8 meter

Floor                  7 meter

Large vans LWB

Wall panels      10 meter

Floor                   9 meter

Large vans XLWB

Wall panels      12 meter

Floor                   13 meter