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Window Security Screens

Window Protection
Rear window (5 mm holes)
Security screen thick
High grade aluminium and 
powder-coated steel

For rear windows, we offer sheets with 5mm holes, making it difficult for a passer-by to look inside. However, the driver always keeps a clear view. For the side window, we offer perforated sheets with 21mm holes. The sheets can be bonded or screwed to the window frame.

Screens are available for Mercedes Vito and Volkswagen Transporter and Caddy. Other models will follow soon or can be supplied on demand.
There are many benefits in using Motexion window security screens, including:

1. Better security 
The lightweight, one-piece perforated screens are made of high grade aluminium and are secured to the window frame.

2. Protection 
The window is protected from damage by any flying objects.

3. High visibility 
Its light colour leaves thieves in no doubt the window has a security screen.

4. No damage on removal 
If the screen needs to be removed, there’s no damage to the vehicle. The bonding agent simply peels off. No screw holes are left behind.

5. Flush with window 
The screens are fixed to the actual window frame and are completely flush so they do not reduce the cargo area. Nothing can get caught on the screen.

6. No rust 
Our screens will not rust because they are made from high quality aluminium sheets and powder-coated steel.