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Motexion is a young company with a short history. One of the milestones in recent years was the change in the name of the company from Modul Protection BV to Motexion BV in 2005.

Spreeuwenberg Magazijninrichting in Zwartewaal begins a program for modular interior systems in the Netherlands, providing advice and supplying and assembling storage systems in delivery vans. The development, production and delivery of self-assembly kits for the protection of the load space begins.

A management buy-out leads to the formation of a new company, MoPlan-Bedrijfswageninrichting, in Maassluis, which is now one of the market leaders in the Netherlands.

The rapid development in protection systems leads to the founding of a separate production company Modul Production BV in Dordrecht.

A substantial increase in turnover, accompanied by export activities, means the company requires new premises. It moves to Bellstraat in Vlaardingen.

In January, Modul Production BV becomes Motexion BV. The change is not only in name but also in organisation. Production and office activities are combined.

In the summer, a restructure takes place and a totally new production line is introduced, to ensure even better preparation for the large demand.

Exports to Australia commence.

The first shipment of van flooring arrives in Australia.

Sales and awareness slowly rises in Australia market and OEM interest are shown.

OEM deal done. Renault wins Australia Post contract and we will supply floors and wall panels.

Start supplying through dealer and second OEM deal done.

Start supplier through dealer for second OEM.


Move house. now in 6/4 Wrightland Place Arndell Park NSW 2148