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(From Iveco's Website) Having the right transport is crucial to the success of your businesses. The IVECO Daily, is the light commercial vehicle range of the IVECO Trucks line up.

The Daily vehicle drives like a car, but has the strength you get from a solid steel truck chassis. It is robust, reliable, flexible, comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly. Most light commercial vehicles are based on a car chassis; however, the Daily was created from the experience and know-how IVECO has in trucks and is based on a truck chassis.

Motexion has a great range of van accessories custom made for Iveco.

Iveco Models & Products

  • MWB Floor
  • MWB Wall Panels - H1
  • MWB Rubber Mat

  • LWB Floor
  • LWB Wall Panels - H2
  • LWB Rubber mat

  • ElWB Floor
  • ELWB Wall Panels - H3
  • ELWB Rubber mat